Door Portraits: Hannah

The new semester has begun and I’m really excited about all the art I’m going to be able to make during this term. I’m taking Figure Drawing II, Fiber Arts II, Printmaking I and Art history I and of course Painting II, which means I have a lot to do!!! So, to get ready for my first painting I took portrait today of my beautiful friend Hannah for my ninth door! Hannah is so fun and cute! I had a blast taking pictures of her being so goofy! These are my favorite images of the day. The image for the door will be one of the top two pictures, I’m still trying to decide, they are both so beautiful!

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Rogers Wedding

I Had the amazing privilege Sunday to photograph two dear friends of mine’s wedding, Kevin and Mackenzie. I’ve known Kevin for several years now and have loved getting to know Mackenzie the short time I’ve known her. It was a beautiful, small wedding. It was just family and close friends. I love photographing weddings like this, they are relaxed and intimate. I hadn’t seen Kevin since he joined the Navy, so it was really nice being able to see him, and in Navy garb! And Mackenzie just looked sunning!!!!! Here are a few of my favorite shots from this beautiful wedding.

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California Day 9

Biola University

Day nine was the day Jordan moved back into her dorm and the next day she would be starting RA training. It was really fun getting to help her move in and then see the beautiful campus she has told me all about! After we got everything in and  she got some unpacking done, she gave me a tour of campus. She had an RA meeting so I did a little roaming around the campus by myself. Once she was done with the meeting, we stopped by her favorite cafe, Cafe Veronese, and then she took me back to Rancho Cucamonga. I was flying out the next morning and she was leaving for off campus training in the morning, so she dropped me off and we said our goodbyes.

“The Word”, Kent Twitchell


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California Day 8

Niland & The Salton Sea

I found out about Salvation Mountain about six months ago. It is located in Niland, California which is only 2 hours from where Jordan lives, so it was a must see! Salvation mountain is a piece of folk art magic made by Leonard Knight. He worked on it for 28 years and lived in the back of homemade RV on the grounds. It’s 50ft tall and 150ft wide, so its pretty impressive. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere in the desert, meaning it was like a 1000 degrees, so I was surprised at the amount of people there. It’s a very popular attraction! IMG_1663

PicMonkey Collage4   IMG_1686 63660014 63660016 PicMonkey Collage3 63660019 PicMonkey Collage2 63660015 PicMonkey Collage1 63660011 PicMonkey Collage9 63660012 Our next stop was the Salton Sea. It was created is 1905 when a canal on the Colorado River broke. Something about where it is, maybe the soil or something about farming in the area has made salinity of the sea very high, and is slowly killing the fish in it. When you walk up to the beach at first glance you think sand, of course. But you would be wrong, the stuff surrounding the shore is not sand, but fish bones. As the walk to the water the waves and pulling up death fish. Its pretty much the most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced. There was more that one instance where I sunk down past my ankles in the bones…. 63660009   PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6 IMG_1693 After the Salton Sea, we started heading back towards Rancho. On the way back I noticed a giant T-rex on the side of the road I had pinned on Pinterest so we turned around to see it. As we pulled up to it there was also a brontosaurus that had windows on it and it hit me, “These are the dinosaurs from “Peewee’s Big Andventure”!!!!! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset PicMonkey Collage7

California Day 7

Packing Day

Jordan only had a few days left before she needed to move into her dorm, so we set aside Sunday for a packing day. She had all her stuff stored at her dad’s shop and she needed to figure out what was going and what was staying. We had planned on going to a church in town that morning, but the day before in LA was long and we were super tired, we ended up accidentally sleeping past 11:00. Once we woke up and got ready we headed over to In-and-Out Burger with her dad and then went over to the shop so she could get stuff done. After Jordan was done we had several hour Parks and Rec marathon and then made cupcakes. It was a really nice relaxing day!

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California Day 6

Los Angeles

The roll of film I had in the camera didn’t take, which was really sad because I took some cool shots, but c’est la vie, what can you do. Luckily I took a lot with my phone. The main priority of the day was finding street art, and we found some awesome street art! It was really cool finding more than one Shepard Fairey and JR!



Shepard Fairey



Left- JR

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These where in West Hollywood, on the library. The Top one is a Shepard Fairey, the second is Retna and the third is Kenny Scharf.




One of the first stops we made was in downtown at The Last Bookstore. It’s one of the main things that comes up on Pinterest when you search Los Angeles. It was definitely worth the walk. It was two stories, had all kind of books, with a room that had over 100,000 books for $1, tons of used records and even artist studios.

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We ended up in Little Tokyo, very pretty area, it was a nice clean change after some of the areas we had walked through. We stopped at a Boba place for Jordan and I got one of those awesome Asian sodas I love so much!


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One of our last stops of the day was in West Hollywood at Magnolia Bakery where we enjoyed some really good cupcakes, then had some fun with the graffiti wings across the street.





California Day 5

Victoria Gardens & Temecula

I am a huge crepe fan, and one of my favorite memories from the last time I came to SoCal with Jordan was Crepes De Paris in Victoria Gardens. Victoria Gardens is a huge outdoor shopping complex across the street from the condo. So we went there for lunch, and it was oh so good!

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A friend from high school, Max, and his fiancee, Hannah just moved out near to San Diego in a town called Temecula. It’s only about an hour from where we are so we had to meet up with them. Max was in a play during the time we where there called “The Melody Lingers On” about Irving Berlin. It was really fun getting to see him in a show, and singing. He also recorded all the music. We met up with them at an Italian restaurant in Temecula called Restaurant Italia. It was super fancy and the four of us where totally out of place and just laughed and how stupid we were sure we looked. It was a good time. The film I had in my camera for this day came out blank so I lost several pictures from the evening. After dinner we went to a root beer store and then a candy store in old Temecula, then we headed over to the old building the show was in.


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California Day 4

 Relax Day and Birthday fun

Day four was a nice relaxing day. We had been doing a lot of running around and it was a good day to enjoy Jordan’s family. Jordan, her Grandma, and I met up with her Aunt and her husband and daughter for lunch in Riverside right down the road. After that I took the car and drove around until I finally found a place that still did hour film developing. It was Thursday, and Saturday they were getting rid of the machine, so that place would only work for me then. After all that jazz I went back to the house and relaxed with Jordan for a while. It was Jordan’s Dad’s birthday. we celebrated it with this work friends at Wabi Sabi.




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California: Day 3

Venice Beach, Costa Mesa, and Balboa Island

Wednesday was beach day, and it was wonderful! We got off a little later because of car jazz, but that was ok it just added the the adventure of the day. Once we got everything figured out we headed out to see the beautiful ocean!!


Our first stop was in Culver City for lunch at Jackson Market. Its hidden away out of sight in a residential area. Its a little neighborhood market that has a sandwich shop in it, kind of like subway but a lot better. We enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch after we finally found parking, then we headed back onto the road.

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Our first stop was Venice Beach. Such a cool, and weird area. We stayed there for a while taking pictures and just enjoying the beach.


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After Venice we headed over to Costa Mesa to meet up with Jordan’s roommate from last year, Johanna. We met her at this super hip, artsy shopping center that had a coffee shop called The Gypsy Den. We got some coffee and dinner and just enjoyed the area. It had a very Austin-y feel. They even had yarn bombed trees!!!

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Our last stop of the day was Balboa Island. We stopped for a frozen Banana, just like Arrested Development! We ended up walking to the beach and just sitting in front of a dock and talking for a long time. It was really nice, my favorite memory from the day.

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