Door Paintings #2

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Well the first half of this semester ended yesterday, so I thought I’d share the doors I got done in that time. These are my favorite two so far, and I really enjoy how are they are evolving, but still fit the series I’ve been working on already.

The first of the two is my amazing and beautiful friend Jordan Brazil. She is going to school is California, so I knew if I was going to paint her I was going to need to get her picture taken before the semester started, while she was still on break. We found a day that worked for us and we headed downtown and found a cool wall. Jordan is super photogenic so it didn’t take long to get the shot I wanted. I think the hardest part about this door was having to wait for school to start so I could start painting! I found the door at Restore (Habitat for Humanity) downtown for $5. The doorknob tends to throw people off, its because its a door to a hot water heater room, and I have it upside down, so the the knob isn’t at your feet.

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While I working on the first door, I was already doing some planning for the next one. I immediately though of my friend Sabra from church, she’s tall and gorgeous, and no surprise that she has done some modeling! I met up with her in downtown Big Sandy. I’ve done some portraits in that area before so I had a cool wall in mind. She, like Jordan, is very photogenic, so it only took us about ten minutes. I also found her door at restore, I bought it with another door with I will be using after spring break. I think this door was a part of a storage building or maybe a cellar? I’m not entirely sure, but I like its uniqueness. I had lots of fun painting the skirt, and the tribal on this one is my favorite! My Professor, Derrick White, suggested I make the tribal interact with her, which was a great idea! I wish I had been doing that the whole time!

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I’ve already taken photos for my next three. So I will be doing at least three more doors before the semester is over in May. I’ll be doing more with movement and one will be a collection of mashed up cabinet doors! Here are the images my upcoming paintings. I am so ready to get started!

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Weekend in Denison Area

I got the chance to spend the weekend with my beautiful Latvian friend Magalēna. She’s going to school at Grayson College in Denison, Tx, which is only a few hours away from me. I hadn’t really seen her in a while, so it was so nice! She is going to be my next girl to paint on a door, so we went out searching for fun places to take pictures. My painting professor suggested I tried for more movement in the poses that I paint, and I think that’s great advice, and I’m gonna take it, so she did a lot of dancing and jumping and hair flipping and we got some cool images.

We started our photo adventure out at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, which is definitely going through a drought, but it was still quite pretty. We even found a little street art out there!

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I love her facial expression in this one!



After Hagerman we headed over to downtown Denison where we took some fun shots and had a good time in several antique shops. Denison has a super cool, small, old timey downtown! It’s worth stopping by if you’re in the area.


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We ended the day with the olympics, which was awesome because we got to see Latvia win a silver medal in men’s Skeleton! And Magdalēna was wonderful and made magical baked apples!

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Zoo Day with Sarah

I had a great morning with my wonderful friend Sarah at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. We’ve been try to go for serveral weeks now and things kept coming up, so it was really nice to get to go. It was a little chilly but it worked out for us because we got the zoo basically all to ourselves, and the animals were super active. We even got the see lion cubs live on a monitor! to cute!                 (photos from iPhone 4S)





A selfi with one of my favorite animals in the zoo! If you get him at the right time he will chase you back and forth through his exhibit! It’s so funny!


Tyler Museum Fun

Today was a nice saturday with my friend Katie, enjoying some of the awesome things about our own city. I enjoy traveling so much that sometimes I tend to forget that I have good things right under my noise! We went to the TMA (Tyler Museum of Art), gallery Main Street downtown, and the Goodman House Museum.

We started our day at a Greek restaurant called Athena, which is super. Katie got Moussaka, and I got the Gyro platter. Great food, great service, I will definitely be going back.

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The exhibit at the TMA was the works of  Texas artist, Billy Hassell. It was amazing painting and lithographs of birds, flowers and wildlife here in texas. I’m officially a Hassell fan! I might even go back and see it again before it leaves!

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After the TMA we went over to the gallery downtown and enjoyed some local artists. Then we headed over to the Goodman Museum to enjoy some Tyler History. When we walked in the door, we were greeted by a familiar voice. It was a good friend from high school, Mary McKeown, now Foster. She’s the assistant curator at the museum. It was such a nice surprise!


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Birding at Greenville Lakes


I had a great morning bird watching with my Dad at the Greenville Lakes in Greenville Texas. It was a good short trip and we saw some good birds! One of which Dad thought was a lifer, it turned out to be a Texas lifer, a White-winged Scoter-we saw three of them. These birds aren’t suppose to be in this area, or anywhere close for that matter, so it was really exciting.  We also saw serval kinds of ducks, cormorants, pelicans, coots(which are my favorite, so cute!), hawks and a ton of great blue herons. And the weather was wonderful, nice and cold, there was even a little ice.

Our playlist for the outing was songs from one of my favorite movies, Empire Records. How can you not be in love with “Video Killed the Radio Star”?


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Tyler State Park

Fall is one of my favorite times of year and here in East Texas we are having a beautiful fall! Dad and I thought we ought to go out and take advantage of the beauty while its here. So we grabbed our camera’s headed out to Tyler State Park this morning and just enjoyed the beautiful colors and weather. Here are some of my favorite shots from this morning.




This picture cracks me up!  I barely got any of Dad’s face and I’m making a goofy face. But I love it!









Door Paintings

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This semester I enrolled in Painting 1 for fun and have decided to change my major to art (after falling in love with it through art appreciation and drawing 1)! One of my favorite projects I’ve been working on during this class has been my door paintings. My professor told us we didn’t have to only paint on canvas, so I put some thought into how creative I wanted be. I remembered a door that was propped up against a wall in my church and the gears in my brain started to turn. After I  got the ok to take the door, I just had to figure out what I was going to do with it. I’ve found when it comes to portrait taking, prom season is my favorite because girls in dresses are so much fun to photograph! So I figured if I enjoy photographing them, I’d probably enjoy painting them just as much, and I was right!

My first model was my good friend Madalaine Lane. I always love taking pictures of Maddy! She is so photogenic and just tons of fun! We met up at our church and had to start the pictures in the sanctuary because of rain. After we got the shot I wanted the rain had stop and we headed outside and took some twirly pictures in her beautiful Anthropology dress for fun. I began the painting as soon as I could and spent a lot of happy and angry moments with it. I was planning on leaving the background white, but my professor prompted me not to and I am so glad I took his advice! This one took me about three and a half weeks to finish.

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After I finished the first door it was a little sad because I enjoyed it so much. But a few days later I got lucky at the highway 80 sale. I found a 2 small cabinet doors (which I’ll be using later) and a long cabinet door all for $2 each! I got with my friend Hope Hughes the next day and got some photos done out at the dam on Lake Hawkins. She’s just so darn cute and such a goober, so of course it was a good time. I started painting the next day after I sanded the glossy finish on the cabinet. I cranked this one out really quickly and I loved the results!

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I was given another full size door which was super exciting! I set up a time with a girl, but we could just never get the time to work out and I was dying to get started so I got with my beautiful friend Katie (who I would have painted eventually anyway) and we took pictures about an hour later. We danced around rain, which stop just long enough for us to take pictures, and went down to a dock out at lake Hawkins. I got the door painted and done in about three weeks. I think the wash on this one is my favorite.

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The Sanders Family

I got the joy of taking Christmas family portraits of my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins. We met at the Children’s Park in Tyler and worked around the other five or six families taking family portraits there as well. It’s always a blessing getting to photograph family, and they are such a cute family! Here are a few of my favorite shots of the day.